Think about it before you choose your career.

People have different plans after graduating from college, Very few are lucky to land a job, Some prepare for masters degree and most of them start looking for a job. But for some the job searching goes for a long time. Many of them start doing odd jobs that hardly takes care of their living expenses. Some of them start getting attracted to the illegal ways to earn money. What students don’t realize is that they need counselling. Even people who are clear about what they want to do but don,t know where are to start, need a mentor.

Some of us struggle to know what they want to do in their life, what subject they should take in their college , which degree or training to go for and there are so many institutes and people who offer them a million suggestions without knowing if that’s what they will be interested to do.They just see money as basic priority and I am not saying that it shouldn’t be the priority. Money is an important priority but it should not be your first priority.

Most of us choose their career path looking at their elders, friends or someone who made a fortune after choosing the particular career path. What they don’t realize is, if they choose it blindly, that path will seem boring and suffocating to them after sometime.They will quit or regret it their whole life.

You need to have patience. You need to give yourself time to research for what interests you and how you can make money with the same.That time you will give yourself to make that decision will be the most productive thing you would ever do.You can start your own business with the same set of skill you learned.It doesn’t have to be some mundane job.It’s always better to create jobs then to search for one.

Most of us are confused with what they are good at and they struggle to find it. What you need is a person who knows you and can help you finding that talent or interest you have. You can go for a counselling session. And i mean the ones who make you understand what different fields have to offer and analyze your interests and what you are good at.

Don’t hesitate to take time to think what you want to do. People will tell you that you are wasting time but if you choose the career path that is popular at that particular time, without knowing if it’s a right fit for you, At the time when you will be regretting your decision, Same people will tell you, “You should have thought about it before”.
Don’t rush into making the most important decisions of your life.


Are career growth courses or training important ?

Nowadays newly graduates and also people already settled with their jobs are opting for some short-term training courses to get a better career growth or increase their chances of getting hired. Most of them are doing it not because they are interested in it but because they see or meet people who have been benefited with these courses.

It happens more with the newly graduates  who either were not from good universities or were unlucky to land a job in their campus placement . Some students , out of anxiety or the pressure of being unemployed and seeing their classmates earning begin to search ways as which training  course is in demand and add it to their resume without doing thorough research. They do it either some friend has  got a high paying  job after doing that course or their parents want them to do it as they heard it from a friend whose son or daughter is doing a high paying job in some big company after doing that course. I know a lot of people who have done it and some are still doing it. Most of them end up doing jobs which they absolutely hate because people get bored doing jobs if they don’t like it and start every time with a new job, if they are lucky to find one.

These days institute are selling courses to students like shopping offers , Some so-called Counsellors  are business partners of institutes and will convince students to only go for a course , which that particular institute is offering. But not all of them are like that .

Best thing to learn something is self learning , there are numerous sources available these days. You don’t need to be at Harvard University to attend lectures , you simply need to have an internet connection and you can attend the lectures from a Harvard  Professor at your home. It’s just that some of us are too  lazy to do it and we invest our money in some useless institutes and force ourselves to attend the class else the investment would be wasted. But the truth is that it’s already is a waste  If you are  attending it because your parents told you or you are thinking ” I should complete it because I already paid the fee“.

The thing is that we are worried that there would have a big gap if we don’t get a job soon after completing our education. And if there would be a gap , its hard to get a job. Honestly, if we keep doing what we do best or are trying to be the best at it , it doesn’t matter . If you are good at something or you are in the process to make yourself better at something you love, you surely will have a job which you will be excited to do or you will create a job profile of your own.

Good Luck .

Writing for the first time.

Writing for the first time does not mean that i have never wrote before, I have written a lot. Well i didn’t want to fail, so i wrote on my answer sheets in the exams. Yes, I did pass all of them.

This is the first time I am writing something that I feel and know about . Well someone told me that it’s good to write, so here I am. Honestly I never liked writing or reading and I recently realised that it’s because I never tried it. The first ever book I read was two months ago (What I wish I knew when I was twenty) and I really liked reading it.